All female urinals are exclusively made of stainless steel.

Other elaborations, for example in plastic will be available in the future.

The design of the mobile cabin or of the permanent urinals are optionally negotiable and can be custom designed.

Both in terms of material and version.

MissWizz Urban

Urinoir in de stad met Logo_ALGEMEEN5

MissWizz Urban is a permanent dry urinal-unit for urban areas. Inside two female urinals are mounted in a room, separated by a partition.

It is a very hygienic urinal; for both closing the doors and the use of the urinals, almost no contact is required.

Design inside

There is a room with a door and one without door. The well thought out design of the room without a door provides sufficient privacy for the user from outside.The room with door offers complete protection to the user. This can be safer when the street is deserted. When it is more crowded, it will not holdback women to use the urinal without door, thanks to the social control by the queueing women. This gives women also the chance to experience the usage of a 'real urinal'. In addition, experience with the previous prototypes has also led to the conclusion that opinions about privacy (without door or with door) are divided.

The architecture of the urinal unit is constructed from durable materials. The wall consists of double-walled stainless steel and extra thick glass. The roof also consists of aluminum and polycarbonate.

Lighting is provided with a motion sensor. This can be feeded with or without solar panels.

There are variations and options on this design. Feel free to contact us for the product catalog.

MissWizz Fest

MissWizz Fest is the improved design of the last test model in 2019.

More info will follow!

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