Introducing female urinals into the world will probably create a PeeRevolution.

Where there is a urinal for men, has MissWizz a female alternative for women.

Not only great for women, but also for men! No more waiting for your partner who needs to queue to take a wizz!

Why support MissWizz?

The first handmade urinals are in production, but MissWizz needs an extra push:

And of course a rocket in the shape of a urinal to fly to Venus!

No, just kidding!

How can you support?

By buying a PeeRevolution necklace for yourself or as a gift for a friend, your mother or neighbour.

The necklaces are made from lasercut dark stained and varnised multiplex.

What is MissWizz? Watch the movie here (scroll down)
What products will MissWizz bring on the market? Check them out here

Folow and see how this project grows thanks to your support: