What is MissWizz?

MissWizz is the first dry urinal for women in which they can urinate upright without contact. To urinate, the user stands above the wide spout of the urinal. This can be done in 2 ways: with the face away from the urinal as with a normal toilet or with the face towards the urinal itself.

Why pee while standing?

Just pee

By choosing an upright posture (read: slightly bent by the knees), no other need is stimulated, so that a rinse is no longer necessary

With a urinal, there is also no odor nuisance that occurs with chemical toilets.

Comfortable posture

Veel vrouwen gaan op openbare toiletten een verkrampte houding aannemen om geen contact te maken met de bril. Bij het gebruik van het vrouwenurinoir is er geen contact met het urinoir noodzakelijk en de houding vraagt geen grote spierinspanning.

Why is there a need for a female urinal

Shorter queues

A female urinal cabin occupies the same surface area as an ordinary chemical toilet. Inside are 2 ladies urinals attached, separated with an intermediate compartment. So if 20 ladies' urinals can be placed on the same surface of 10 chemical toilets, there will be shorter queues!

Simple solutions

A urinal that is mobile and not dependent on water connection can be placed anywhere more easily. As a result, there is a sanitary solution for both genders.


No water rinsing is needed for a simple pee. This means that an average large festival of 300,000 visitors can save as much as 12,000,000 liters of drinking water per day!

That's an enormous ecological progress, but also a huge cost-saving factor. 

History of MissWizz


The concept of the female urinal and name 'MissWizz' was born as a graduation project Product Development from Ellen Lejeune at the university of Antwerp.


The thesis was redesigned into a cheaper and feasible design for testing. This first working prototype is being realized with the financial support of the City of Ghent and was tested 3 years in a row at the Ghent Festivities.

310 users were interviewed, of which 94% of the women were satisfied and would still use the female urinal again.

This prototype enjoyed spontaneous media attetion in newspapers, on the radio and on a TV show 'Goedele Op Dinsdag'.

Media articles:

De Standaard


Gazet Van Antwerpen

Het Belang Van Limburg



Het Krochtje a cozy mobile toilet container, was built with a MissWizz female urinal in addition to regular toilets and urinals.


After a makeover, the firts prototype of 2011 receives a second life and is still used in the summerbar Bar Bricolage in Ghent.


Conceptual elaboration of "MissWizz Urban". A permanent femal urinal for cities in which 2 urinals are installed.

More info.


A second prototype was necessary to test the practical side of the cabin.

The design had to be mobile, easy to transport and comfortable for the users. Crowdfunding was established in the summer of 2019 to finance the construction costs. The prototype was built in stainless steel and plastic tarpaulin. 2 zippers served as an entrance. The cabin contains 2 female urinals, from which one is mounted at a lower height for smaller women.

Also this time the project enjoyed spontaneous media attention in newspapers, radio and even the VTM news on TV (22/07/2019).

Media articles:


Het Laatste Nieuws


VRT (2nd time)

Het Nieuwsblad

Het Nieuwsblad (2nd time)

Radio 2

The Brussels Times

Gazet van Antwerpen

Gazet Van Antwerpen (2nd time)

De Morgen

EOS Wetenschap


The Netherlands:



10 years after the graduation project, the mobile female urinal for festivals will be launched on the market.

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