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Introducing female urinals into the world in which women can pee while standing up will probably create a peerevolution.

It's high time women do not have to walk half a mile, wait in line for half an hour and then to sit on a dirty toilet seat for a pee, that also waste drinking water.

MissWizz empowers women and stands up for gender equality, starting at this basic need.

Which is also great for you, men! No more waiting for your partner who needs to queue to take a wizz.

What will MissWizz do with your support?

  • Build a rotational mold to produce affordable plastic urinals for festivals
  • Build the first urban gender neutral urinal
  • Total funds needed: €65000

How can you support?

By buying a PeeRevolution necklace for yourself or as a gift for a friend, your mother or someone special. 

And by sharing this message to the world, that's very important as well!

What is MissWizz?

More info about why and how it al started, click here.

Watch the aftermovie with interviews from users here (scroll down)

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